Fine Art Printing & Framing Services

We provide a bespoke fine art printing service for artists, designers, illustrators and photographers in New Zealand & Australia. We use the latest archival pigment ink printing technology by Epson, also known as Giclee or fine art printing. Epson's archival quality is demanded by galleries and fine art retailers around the world. Unlike other fine art printers, endemicworld services are backed by 10 years of fine art retailing experience and support independent artists selling online and in art galleries. Some of our longest standing clients include Component, Cinzah Merkins, Glenn Jones, Duncan Innes, Georgie Malyon, Misery, Samantha Totty, Jen Sievers, Jenni Stringlmen and hundreds of successful creatives. 

By using our fine art printing & framing services you agree to our terms below and accept the FAQ's.

Read the FAQ's for help with fine art printing questions like shipping, order process and file set up etc.

If you need further help, give us a call during business hours - 09 378 9823 :-)

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Artist Services Terms

Copyright - By using this service you declare you own the rights to the images you are printing. We do not print photographs of art, or where the main subject is another artists work like photos of street art. 

Security - We do not back up your print files, you must protect your data at all times and be able to replace files at short notice.

File Names - You must name your print files the same as in your order. 

Responsibility & Liability - If you are using our artist services to ship directly to your own customers, you must take full responsibility for your art prints you are selling to those customers. We recommend informing your customers on how to care for their art prints. We act as your manufacturer and are not liable for mishandling of art prints by your customers. Always good to be aware of the basic rules of the Consumers Guarantees Act too. Happy trading :-)

Orders - If your order total is for 1 x unframed print, you must select the 'individually bagged' or 'tubed' finishing option. This is the only way to safely protect your art during shipping. If you are ordering multiples, we will put them all in one tube or in one bag. If you accidentally order a single print without the correct finishing option we will edit your order for you and your order total will be automatically adjusted.


Artist Services FAQ's

How long will it take for me to receive my print after I place the order?
Most orders are fulfilled within 4-6 days. A1, A0 & custom sized unframed & framed orders take 5-10 days. In November & December, fulfillment time will be longer. - For large orders like exhibitions and markets, please allow 7 days. Leave a note with your order if you need it quickly and we will do our best to meet your request.

Can I order and collect same day?
Please call us first to check, we will do our best to accommodate. If we go out of our way to get an order ready for you same day, we like beer and shout outs on Instagram, but we don't accept financial offers.
During November and December then it will be a very slim chance of anything being ready quicker than 24 hours.

How is payment made?
Payment is made when you place your order online. We accept visa, mastercard or bank deposit.

What courier company do you use?
Shipping is with Posthaste. Orders are shipped on a signature-required service. Please add a note in the gift message area if you don't want a signature-required service. If you choose this option your order is not insured if lost.

How are orders shipped/packed?
Sizes A4 - A3 are shipped flat, A2 and above are shipped rolled in tubes. Frames are cornered, stiff card over the glass, bubble wrapped and then boxed.

What happens if my print order is lost, damaged?
Lost or damaged orders are replaced at no cost. (this is void if you choose a non-signature required service, see above)
If we make a mistake with your order it will be replaced for free.

Can I collect my order?
Yes, just select this option during checkout.

Can my customers collect from endemicworld?
No. Unfortunately, artist services is aimed to provide independant artists a risk-free option to sell their art independently. At endemicworld, we already have a busy gallery and are unable to assist your customers as well.

Do you offer INTL shipping?
Yes, but only unframed prints. All international orders are shipped using NZ Post. Australioan orders are tracked and other countiries are not tracked. Lost or damaged international orders are not replaceable or refundable.

Can I email my order?
Yes, if you have a custom order or a large order then you can email your order. You will be invoiced once your order is shipped and payment terms are 7 days.

Can I order over the phone?
Yes, but first make sure you have read the terms above and have your order details ready. Payment is required over the phone when your order is placed, or in-store when collected.
Can I use the endemicworld frame imagery and text for my website?
Yes, you can use the images and copy on the artist services product pagesHowever, you are not allowed to use any of the imagery or copy on product pages in our shop. 

Can you brand my orders? 
Yes, there is a "Branding" option when ordering online. Make sure you send us your roll of stickers. We will either sticker the back of your art print or framed print. If you do not choose a branding option then the default endemicworld branding will be applied. If you select "add my brand" but we don;t have your stickers, it will be packaged with no branding.

Can I sign my print before it's framed?
Yes, just leave a note in the gift message area during checkout when placing your order. Keep in mind this will slow down the order fulfilment process.
For hands-free editioning of your art prints, send us pre-signed authentication certificates. We will put these inside the prints when packaged or stick to the back of your framed prints.

What files do you accept?
PDFs, JPEGs or TIFFs. When saving PDF's remove "photoshop editing capabilities" to reduce your file size. Flatten your files so they are not caring uneccessary data.

How do I send you my files?
We highly recommend using dropbox. When placing orders all you have to do is share the file link to your print file on the order page in the field "print file URL".  This will save you time and keeps your files secure. If your file is under 10MB you can just email it to us. Enter "will send" in the print file URL field and make sure you reference your order number in your email.

I don't want pricing details in with my order.
We never include hard copies of order details with your order. 

Do you offer test strips?
No, but if you need to make sure your art will print how you want it, start by getting some small sizes on the cheapest paper. This will answer a lot of your questions when starting out. Then tweak your print files to get the results you are after. Every artist has different print requirements, so we make sure our printers stay constant, and each individual artist edits their files for desired results.

I suck at Photoshop, can you edit my files?
Not at this stage, we have the skills, but not the time as we are busy printing and framing your art. Find that designer friend to give you a lesson or binge some youtube videos and learn on the go (that's what we did, and it's quite a fast way to learn, and is cheaper than uni!)


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Papers & Rag Options 

Smooth Matte - 210gsm
This is a mid-weight art paper with a smooth matte surface and good rigidity for a range of art prints. It’s bright white, acid-free and like all our papers designed for the specific use archival pigment inks. This paper stock provides the best value for money and is great for printing just about anything.

Enhanced Matte - 210gsm
Enhanced a mid-weight premium art paper with a smooth matte surface and good rigidity for professional art prints. It’s a natural white, acid-free and like all our papers designed for the specific use of archival pigment inks. This paper stock provides the best value for money and is great for printing just about anything.

Textured Matte - 300gsm
Textured Matte is a heavy-weight fine art paper for archival pigment printing. It is a 50/50 blend of cotton and the highest quality acid-free and lignin free alpha cellulose. It is a high-quality low-cost alternative to 100% cotton rag. It has a luxurious textured surface designed to maximise resistance to scuffing and flaking.

Textured Cotton Rag - 300gsm (archival)
Textured Cotton Rag is a heavy-weight archival velvet fine art paper for archival pigment printing. It is bright white, water-resistant and made from 100% cotton fiber. Producing high-quality consistent results, textured cotton rag is the most affordable archival paper on offer.

Smooth Cotton Rag - 300gsm (archival)
Smooth Cotton Rag is a very heavy 100% cotton fibre art paper with a smooth matte surface. It’s bright white, archival and is ideal for fine art printing of art where showing fine lines and detail is important. Photographers love this paper. This paper has a rigid cotton feel and provides some amazing results.

Hanhemuhle German Etching Cotton Rag - 310gsm (archival)
This is a 100% cotton fibre art paper with a very textured matte surface. It’s off white, archival and is ideal for fine art printing of paintings, illustrations or other styles where showing texture is important. This rag is rigid, has a hand-made feel and is one of the highest quality fine art stocks in the world.

Hanhemuhle Photo Satin Cotton Rag- 310gsm (archival)
This is a 100% cotton fibre art paper with a textured satin surface (satin = slightly waxy/soft sheen). It’s off white, archival and is ideal for fine art printing of photographs or where expressing a slight gloss is important. This paper is rigid, has a handmade feel and is one of the highest quality photographic papers in the world.

Please note, we don't print on any high gloss paper. For no other reason than we don't like it or the way it looks when framed. You can visit us anytime to caress and/or sniff these papers. Soon we will have sample packs you can buy online to have as a reference.


Archival Ink

We only use official Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks (For full technical specs visit

  • High-Density pigments for an extremely wide color range.
  • Professional print permanence ratings for truly gallery quality fine art prints.
  • Superior scratch resistance from improved pigment and resin chemistry. 
  • Color is stable immediately after printing - no short term color shifting. 
  • Archival ratings 100 years on archival cotton rag.
  • Display Life of 75+ years on cotton rag. 40+ years on acid-free matte paper.

Framing FAQ 

Framing options online are straight in against the glass. Black & White frames are made of Italian Bellini moldings. They have an edge width of 30mm and height of 20mm with smooth matte finish, and a modern profile.
A4 frames have hanging teeth, all other sizes are traditionally strung with d-rings. 

Raw Oak frames are made from Australian Raw Oak. They have an edge width of 15mm and height of 29mm with a natural/raw finish. They will slightly darken over time.

For custom framing follow the link to our custom framing page