Durga Original Painting by Jen Sievers

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Jen's career started with the first half of a fine arts degree, followed by 15 years of graphic design, and now a return to her true love, painting. She aims to create work that stirs joy, captures movement, and draws viewers into the colour scapes of her vivid imagination. Jen is particularly drawn to large acrylic paintings on perspex with fresh colours, sweeping lines and a contemporary edge.

Durga is the Hindu goddess considered the mother of the universe. She is a fierce, formidable warrior. She protects all that is good and battles evil. She has many arms and travels on a lion or tiger. She is said to be the most magnificent creature in the universe. Protection, truth, positive creative energy

• Acrylic on perspex
• Raw oak frame
• 790mm x 1030mm
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Durga Original Painting by Jen Sievers