Tal Paz-Fridman

Tal Paz-Fridman is 46 years old, married, with three children (two girls and a boy) and one dog (sometimes more). He is from Israel but also a Canadian. He was never formally trained in Photography but started at the age of 13 years, when spending time with his younger cousin at their grandmother’s house in the Kibbutz. From there it became a hobby, a profession, forgotten hobby and now somewhat of a part-time profession\full-time obsession. Tal specializes in Creative-Documentary photography. To paraphrase the description of the great American photographer, Sam Abell, Tal’s style of photography is documentary in the sense that he records the world, however, it has transcendent qualities, starting at the documentary yet open to interpretation on an aesthetic level. Tal is inspired by the natural world and especially by the seas and oceans.

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