Art prints and graphics
curated in New Zealand


On behalf of all the artists and everyone who helps put on shows, thanks for supporting emerging talent. Below is a list of past, current and upcoming art exhibitions. To be informed when we have exhibitions sign up below. If you would like to view any work from shows please contact us to request an exhibition catalogue. Or browse our current collection online.


Upcoming Exhibitions

Rakai Karaitiana "Rest Area" - June 9th - 19th
(AKL Photogtraphy Festival Satelitte show)

Ina Arraoui "Blowout" - August 4th - 14th

Hannah Jensen - "Wild" October 6th - 16th



Dan Tippett "Outstanding in my Field"

Jen Sievers - A Life Exotic exhibition

Greg Straight & Ross Murray "Golden Summer" 2017


Mica Still "Hope Land" 2016.

Olivia Bezett "Solo Exhibition 2016" Paintings & Prints.

Hannah Jensen "View Point" 2016.

Georgie Malyon "The Ritual" Photography Exhibition 2016.
Margaret Petchell "New Paintings" 2016


Component "Found" 2015

Toby Morris "Probably Forever" 2015 

Joe Macmenamin "Walk the Plank" 2015

Chloe Ruby "Solace" 2015

Georgie Malyon "Into The Mystic" 2015

Milarky "Auckland City Tendencies" 2015

Olivia Bezett Debut Solo Exhibition 2015

Opening Night at Georgie Malyons Show August 2016, Photo by Sarah Starkey